Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Day 6 of Things I Love: Candles

My close friends and family are pretty well aware of my addiction attraction to a good candle.  There is never a moment in my home when I do not have a candle somewhere.  There is just something about the feeling I have when burning one. To me, they can make a house feel more like a "home." Here is what I am currently burning....
Lovely addition thanks to my sweet friend Jordan! The aroma is out of this world, not to mention the darling packaging! Highly recommend!

Here are a couple all-time favourites of mine...

This adorable piece is by Capri Blu. My favorite scent is Volcano. Not only does it make a gorgeous candle, but when the candle is done, I pop the glass into the freezer to get out the excess old candle and reuse the mercury glass as a flower vase! Now that's multipurpose.

By far my favorite Lollia scent. Most people may know them for their perfumes and body care products, but their candles are out of this world and worth every penny. While they are a bit expensive, they create a smell that is out of this world.  What I love most about the set is that you can burn them separately for two separate scents or you can burn them together to create a unique third scent.
This candle is the epitome of all things Southern.  The refreshing mix of Jasmine and Hyacinth will transform you into a world all its own. You can close your eyes and pretend you are rocking on a 100 year porch sipping an ice cold lemonade on a hot summer day. Hey, that thought is a shining beacon of light on a freezing DC day.

A favorite indulgence of mine.  Loved being able to pick them up at a boutique in Raleigh, I will now need to find a DC shop that carries them! Great gift idea too!

 What candles can you not live without? I am always looking to add to my collection!



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  1. Dear Katie,

    I like all type of candles but I don't think so. What candles can you not live without?