Monday, March 4, 2019

32 Week Pregnancy Update

I feel like we've made it to the final stretch! Only 8 weeks to go, so wild! I've never wanted time to speed up and slow down so much at the same time. Any other new mamas feel that way?! I swear the nursery will be done at *some point*

Anyway, wanted to share a couple of updates with you since it's been awhile! 

We've made some strong progress on the nursery (aiming to do a full reveal at some point this Spring!) Though, I have learned that there really is no "attractive" way to mount a video baby monitor...sigh. I guess safety first?! ;-) 

We ordered the square arm comfort glider from Pottery Barn Kids and I absolutely love it. The white twill is entirely washable, so I could still have the light aesthetic I was hoping for. 

How sweet are these Cuddle & Kind dolls? Of course they will all be removed by the time the baby goes into the crib, but thought they were so sweet for the time being! 

As the belly has continued to grow, I'm still living in many of the pieces I highlighted in my previous post. This Ingrid & Isabel dress has been a great transition as Spring nears! 

I also had my first (definitely not the last!) prenatal massage. I'm just wondering what took me 30 weeks to finally do it! It was wonderful, especially given all of the aches that started as early as the first trimester! For you local ladies, I went to Lorena Luca in Cameron Village and it was great! 

I also had my very first baby shower! It meant the world to me to have family throw such a special shower and for everyone to spend a portion of their weekend celebrating Baby Smith! I already get emotional when I think about how loved this sweet baby is already! From the food, to the flowers and the company, it was perfect!

Up next, we aim to get carseats installed in both cars and the hospital bags packed! Ah, when did this get so real!? 

Friday, February 22, 2019

Maternity Must Haves

Sharing with ya'll some of my tried and true favorites that have carried me (quite literally) through this pregnancy.

Each one of these items I've gotten multiples in because they are just THAT good.

1 - If you get one thing in you pregnancy, let it be these compression tank tops. Yes, they are a bit on the pricey side but I swear you'll thank me later. They are tight compression tops that provide back and belly support. My lower back started to kill me as early as my first trimester and after a friend recommended these, I bought in every color they had. Seriously! The best.

2 - Thankfully, I haven't gotten stretch marks and want to thank this dry oil! It is not just for preggos, but it such a wonderful treat after a long hot shower. I rub all over, not just my belly! 

3 - Because, you reach a point in your pregnancy where anything that slides on your foot is a lot easier ;-) I adore these slides and they are under $30!  

4 - Size up in these nursing bras so that they work for you postpartum too! I can't do anything with an underwire and these saved me! 

5 - I've raved about this lotion pre-pregnancy as well, but having extra dry skin during pregnancy, it has been a life saver! It is non-greasy, unscented and keeps you moisturized all day long!

6 - Buy 4 pairs of these leggings. Seriously. At first, I thought the over the belly style would make me feel constricted, but I must wear them 4x a week. 

7 - This dress is awesome for support and is super flattering! I've worn with sweaters, jean jackets or alone! The ruching hits in all of the right places and comes in lots of colors!

8 - I got 3 of each of these tops! In white, gray and black! They are long waisted, stretchy and wear really well after numerous washes. Just ask my husband, I think I rotate these every other day.

Saturday, February 16, 2019

Baby Registry Favorites

Ten weeks to go! When did that happen?! Some days this pregnancy feels like its been a year and others it has really flown by! 

I've gotten a lot of requests of some of our favorite items we've received thus far for Baby Smith. While we haven't used these just yet, I did want to share some of our favorite gender neutral registry items (as well as a few items we've gotten along the way!) with ya'll! 

1 / Bunny - We received one of these as a gift and they are just the softest! The entire brand makes adorable soft little animals that are the perfect gift for an expectant mama to be or for yourself!

2 / Cross-body onesies - We got a couple of packs of these, because if there is one thing I have heard it is that you go through A LOT of outfits per day. With the baby coming in late Spring, I get the feeling we'll live in little onesies like these, especially down at the beach. These are super thick (without being too hot) and much better quality than many other onesies you'll come across. 

3 / Bath Baby Bundle - My mama brain has already started to go crazy analyzing different ingredients in various baby bath products. With such sensitive new skin, I want to make sure we are utilizing some of the purest products. These are without Parabens, Phthalates and many other ingredients we don't want on our sweet babies. 

4  / Doc-a-Tot - Chances are, you've heard of this! All of my mama friends swear by it, especially if you begin in a bassinet when they are newborn to keep all snug and cozy!

5 / Basket - We have this basket in other sizes in the house and LOVE them. The small size is perfect for storing sweet stuffed animals and toys in the nursery! 

6 / Newborn mittens - This brand makes the softest outfits and these mittens are no exception! Perfect to throw in your little ones hospital bag.

7 / Night light & Sound Machine - I've heard to raise a child you need two things: 1) diapers and 2) a sound machine. This one includes a nightlight as well as an app that you can control from your phone! The reviews are awesome, we can't wait to try it. 

8 / Swaddles - These wrap the baby super tight and are husband proof (ha!) I get the feeling that traditional swaddling may be a bit tough for us (especially at a 3am diaper change) and love how these easily velcro.

9 / Bouncer - Love the soft beige and will be perfect for relaxing around the house

10 / Blankets - Love these colors (for either a boy or a girl!) and are perfect for stroller walks or home lounging

11 / Mama Wrap - Love the versatile soft beige and the idea of having the baby super close to me while getting things done around the house or out and about with friends. This line makes super stretchy wraps that are easy (and foolproof!) to put on. 

Saturday, January 26, 2019

Cravings for Spring

Blue and White Pajamas - I first got this set a couple of years ago and was so sad when they discontinued it! It makes the perfect gift! But now, it's baaaack. And the perfect pajama set for Spring.

Palm Stem - One of the frequently asked questions I get is regarding our faux palms we decorate with year round. These are a great size (and price!) Though, I do love snipping some fresh real stems from my parents yard!

Rattan Mirror - Will be making its way into our home this Spring. The design is so unique and the price is amazing!

Wicker Candle Hurricane - I love pretty much everything is designer creates. This is of course no objection.

Golden Retriever Stationery - For any Golden mama's out there, this personalized stationery is just the sweetest!!

Leather Woven Mules - Too cold for sandals but still craving a departure from your boots? Enter the mule. I love mules all season long in the south, and these are the perfect new season transition! 

Blue and White Pillow - I adore this print. Contemplating as a pillow for our rocker. I'm sure if we have a baby boy, he wouldn't mind right?! ;-) 

Gold Scalloped Frame - The price is perfect to add to your own collection or gift to a friend with a special photo inside!

Surf Shack Book - Perfect coastal addition for your stack! 

Happy Saturday!


Wednesday, January 16, 2019

Valentines Day Gift Guide: For Her

Wasn't it just Christmas?! Hard to believe we're halfway through January. With Valentine's Day less than a month away, I wanted to share with you some fun gift ideas for her (or for yourself -- because why not?!)

1 - Once you own your first pair of these pajamas, you'll understand their near cult like following. I know, they're a little pricey for PJ's, but putting them on after a long day is truly one of my favorite things to do! I've honestly never felt softer fabrics (and they still look new after who knows how many dozens of washes!) Worth. It. 
2 - I've shared these with you guys before and I love the white going into Spring. They won't pull or tangle your hair and if you're like me and end up with at least one hair tie on your wrist a day, they are a bit cuter than the traditional plain black tie. 
3 - A bit of a splurge item, but something sure to make her smile! The entire Goldbug Collection is truly to die for and all created locally in Charleston. Their attention to detail is flawless and each piece can be dressed up or down. I love how effortlessly chic each piece makes an outfit! I can see this cuff now with white jeans and a crisp white button down this Spring. 
4- Who doesn't love a good face mask?! Dry skin has gotten me good this winter, and this mask is packed with moisturizing ingredients and vitamins. It's also without parabens, phthalates, etc which is even better! 
5- This necklace is just the sweetest. It would be adorable with a child or husbands monogram (or your own!) to wear each day. I love a simple piece that also has custom elements to make your very own. A custom piece at under $40 would make a perfect gift for any occasion, really. 
6- I've worn this perfume for nearly two years and still love it just as much as the day I brought it home. It's a great all seasons scent, but works especially well in the colder months. 
7- How cute are the little heart details on this lip tube?! Their lip shines are awesome for both color and moisture, which has led me to this line for years! I especially love the "Dolman" shade for a pop of color and Spring! 
8- My love for coffee table books runs deep. This book is simply stunning. The images and aesthetic are exactly what anyone would love to look at on a cold dreary day. So much happy! I could outfit our entire home by Amanda Lindroth and be just fine :) 
9- Last but certainly not least, who doesn't love a fresh new candle?! This scent is heavenly for multiple reasons, but really hits all of the boxes for being light, yet noticeable and making any space feel fresh. *adds to cart* 



Friday, January 11, 2019

Project 2707 Updates

Happy 2019!

It's officially been a year since we began work on our 1940 homestead. She's come a LONG way since that red carpet ;-) The kitchen, master bed/bath are still on the list and will be a post-baby project (because who really wants to move out 6 months pregnant). It's all certainly "livable" for now, but since Austin and I really want this to be a long term house, we are excited to make it exactly what we want.

For any of you that may be new around here, I wanted to share some of the progress we've made in the last 12 months. Austin and I literally look back and these and ask ourselves "what in the world were we thinking?!?" ;-) 

We've haulted on major projects until Summer after the baby comes, which is letting us focus on the sweet little nursery! I'll share with you guys soon! 

If you don't follow me on Instagram, you can see more with the hashtag #project2707

Living Room Before


Foyer Before (still so bummed I took this photo after we'd ripped out the red carpet stair runner!)


Main Guest Bedroom Before


Second Guest Room Before


Dining Room Before

Dining Room After

Exterior Before

Exterior After 


Tuesday, December 18, 2018

The Blue and White Table

Christmas is a week away! Cue the festive table settings. Don't get me wrong, I love the crisp greens and pops of golds that make their way onto a festive tablescape, but there is just something about a classic blue and white tablescape I love most. 

Sharing some of my favorite affordable products with you all to set your table for guests with pops of blue and white. 

A few other blue and white tabletop items I love! The best part is most all items are well under $50!