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Day 5 of Things I Love: Good Coffee

By 2/05/2012 11:08:00 AM

My mornings just do not seem complete without a cup of coffee. I have become one of those neurotic dependent "not until I have my coffee" kind of gals. But whatever keeps you going right? My latest coffee obsession has been at Le Pain Quotidien. It has the best flavor and has enough "oomph" to get me well into lunchtime. I especially love the "My K Cup" addition to my Keurig. It is wonderful in the sense that if there is a cup of coffee that I really love, I can buy the grounds from the restaurant and make it over and over again at home. How did people function without a Keurig anyway?

I certainly could enjoy my morning java at this adorable Parisian Cafe.

Happy Sunday!



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