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Day 2 of Things I Love: Cashmere

By 2/02/2012 10:43:00 AM

Cashmere. Who doesn't love it? Thanks to the groundhog, it looks like we have another 6 weeks of winter left.  I do not doubt that winter will peek its little head before its all said and done. Not that I do not absolutely love the mild winter, but I do love wrapping myself in my cashmere throw from Restoration Hardware. Worth. Every. Penny. Autumn Cashmere is an incredible source for all things cashmere and comfy. Perfect weekend gear!

I'd love to add the dark gray to my collection as well ;-)

Perfect if you're a lazy Sunday person like myself ;-)



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  1. I love cashmere...I have a leopard print cashmere sweater that I would wear every day if I could!