Wednesday, January 28, 2015

{raleigh restaurant week}

Raleigh friends, it's restaurant week here in the Oak City! It's one of my favorite times to discover new restaurants and enjoy some of our favorites as well. We will be attending other activities this weekend, but I am looking forward to getting out tomorrow night to partake in the yum that is going down this week. 

It's tough to choose (especially when you are hungry) where to make your first reservation. The Restaurant Week webpage helps navigate your palette based on whether you are in Raleigh, Durham or Chapel Hill. Here you can find all types of options broken out by genre of food type. If you're anything like me, it all appeals to you! 

Tomorrow night, we are looking to give Sitti another go. My husband is a very "steak and potatoes" type of guy, so getting him to try "different foods" can always be an interesting experience ;-)  We last tried Sitti a few years ago and I loved it -- the Mr...not so much. He's decided to be open minded and give it another go. It's just $20 a head and the menu looks great.

Choose One

Carolina Crab Rolls
Coastal lump crab, halloumi
spinach and spicy garlic whip 
Avocado Hummus 
Puree of chick peas, avocado lemon, tahini
garlic and roasted red peppers  

Choose one

Mixed Grill
Chicken kabob & filet kabob served with Sitti rice,
sumac onion, grilled roma tomato & garlic whip

Blackened Salmon
Basmati rice, sautéed kale and blood orange tahini

Stuffed Bell Pepper 
Chick pea confit, baby okra, tomato
cilantro, onion and yogurt drizzle  

Choose one

Strawberry Ashta
Local strawberries, ashta milk pudding
Hargett Street Honey and pistachio

Iced Duo
Pomegranate and mixed berry sorbet

A couple other favorites of ours being featured this week are Bida Manda, Coquette and Oro. Great time to give them all a try at a fantastic price!


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