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product spotlight: {tata harper}

By 1/22/2015 09:06:00 AM

I talked about this resurfacing mask on the blog earlier this week. Y'all. It's incredible. I used it for the first time  the other night and am not being dramatic when I say I saw instant results. It's hard for me to get overly excited about some products, but it's just that good.

I have moderately sensitive skin so I started my first time with it on about 15 minutes. Normal skin can go up to 30 minutes. I may gradually work my way up. It goes on clear (less terrifying for the husbands) and dries pretty quickly. After rinsing away, my skin had never felt so soft!

It's pricey.  However, with moderate/weekly use it think it should at least last me six months. Can't wait to try other products in this line. Don't forget, if you sign up with Ebates, you'll get an extra 8% cash back today!

One day till Friday!


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