Monday, December 12, 2011

Weekend Recap

Rickshaw ride from our condo to Buku.  It was a little brisk out.

What a busy weekend! Just now finding the time to post. As stated previously, Austin and I are moving to DC in just a couple short weeks! We have both put in our notices at work, terminated our apartment lease, and have begun the apartment hunt in the city. It is still all such a blur to me.  This past weekend, we decided to celebrate our Raleigh life before it is a distant memory!

Saturday night, Austin and I went to Buku for dinner before going to a show.  We went to see the Christmas Carol at the Progress Energy Center. It was absolutely, positively hysterical! I loved how they incorporated modern topics into the show. Sadly, probably my favorite part was having "The 2 Day Sale Target Lady" run across the stage pushing her cart as fast as she could go. I died.  Even Scrooge himself did the "Shuffle" to LMFAO's "Party Rock." It was quite the entertainment!

These mussels were di-vine. Bathed in tomatoes, white wine, garlic and a cream sauce, they were a hit in my book.
Amazing Spring Rolls with lobster and avocado filling, and slapyourmamma its so good hummus for dipping.

We also split a tuna asparagus sushi conconction as an appetizer, but I was so starving at that point, I didnt stop and smell the roses and take a picture of it. It was equally as delish.

 After the show we braved the 25 degree weather and watched skaters maneuver the ice rink downtown. You bet your natural born hiney you won't see me get on that ice. My coordination would be a purifed nightmare on that ice, but it was fun to watch the more coordinated people enjoy :)

 We rounded out the evening getting together with a bunch of old friends that we are so sure to miss once we make our move.  But we get the feeling that we will be receiving many of them as visitors in our new home :)

Hope your weekend was swell!




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  1. Thats great yall are following dreams and taking chances in a new it! Looks like you had a great weekend!! xx