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Kate Spade Crazy

By 12/06/2011 10:00:00 AM

I need to shake the marketing director of Kate Spade's hand.  They have officially succeeded in making me want EVERYTHING out of their current collection. It all screams festive holiday fun. Even their new iPhone covers make me want to retire my recent September purchase (and what a perfect stocking stuffer!)

 (I'd give Santa a high five for this one)

   Something about Kate Spade is just so fun and flirty yet sophisticated and put together. Note: When I die, bury me in the Kate Spade Pearl Bauble Necklace and an Hermes Silk Twill tying back my hair and all will be well.

Not to mention my "something blue" has a good chance of being one of these spectacular items. Really loving number 6 and number 9 for a shower/event.



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