Friday, December 2, 2011

Finally Friday!

I could not be any happier to wake up to Friday today. Although this week has gone somewhat quickly, I am so ready for a couple days of R&R at the coast. We will be heading to Wilmington tonight to visit with friends, get some wedding planning out of the way and take some Christmas pictures. Good News: All is good on the home front with the pooch.  She did a complete 180 yesterday afternoon and I was so glad.  I think she knew that if she was sick when we headed to the beach, she would not be able to go for a boat ride and swim ;-)  However, since the Great White Shark sighting at WB, I doubt her precious paws will get into the chilly water.

So happy she is healed.

Last night, Austin and I decided to kickoff our weekend a little early.  After work we headed over to Sullivan's Steakhouse, where I indulged in a few "Knockout" martinis and Austin had a few bourbon drinks. Sometimes it is just so nice to kick back and pretend that it is the weekend, even if it isn't :)   We grabbed a couple appetizers which were dee-vine.

I chose the Tavern Sliced Steak and Austin chose the Steak Eggrolls.  I was a little skeptical on his choice, but they were beyond good.   After that we went across the street to Solas.  It is not my normal stomping ground (a little too "upbeat" if you know what I mean) but I figured whattheheckletsgo. We sat on their rooftop deck which was fully heated, so that was a plus. We had one more drink there then headed homeward. I had the Chambourdtini and Austin had their "New Fashion" The New Fashion was an updated rendition of the classic cocktail "The Old Fashion" which is a favorite of Austin's.  The "New Fashion" did not disappoint.

If any of you reading this are a shoe size 6 or 6.5, today is your lucky day. I unfortunately do not have that delicately sized of a foot.

I saw these boots on Pinterest and LOOOVED them. And loved the price even more! $50 bucks! Seriously can't usually get 1/2 a boot for that. Gotta love Amazon. I see these going perfectly with a pair of skinny jeans, leggings or even an awesome dress. All around a great looking boot!

What are your weekend plans??

Happy Friday!




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