Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Wednesday Wants...

Well, with Christmas right around the corner (crazy how it was just 4th of July right?!) I figured why not show you my alphabetized color coded Christmas list a couple things that would be just wonderful to find under my tree! 

Burberry knit cape
$695 -

Well, first and foremost lets start with the basics here.  Every wo

Every woman at some point in their life should own their own Chanel. Plain and simple. Maybe this Christmas will be my first, OR maybe we will pay rent for the month of December. Tough choice. When the day comes that I am the lucky recipient of this treasure, the neighbors will either A) think we won the mega lottery jack pot by my screams or B) Think I am totally overjoyed that Austin finally decided it was okay to wear his navy corduroy's  and cashmere vest together (no, dear, you do NOT look like a Jonas Brother). Wishful thinking. I also am crack-like obsessed with capes this Fall for whatever reason.  Maybe it is the comfort, or the warmth or just the cuteness of every single one I lay my eyes on! The awkward part is, however, arm lifting.  Talk about weird, but that is a whole different conversation.  The watch, well its a perfect every day staple.  I wear my tortoise shell Michael Kors day in and day out, and maybe it deserves a little rest.  Do you hear that Santa?!  The Tom Ford shades speak for themselves, they are the most chic sunglasses ever.  And since we will not speak of my poor beautiful Tory Burch shades (may you rest in peace) at the bottom of Lake Gaston, we will say that I would love these as a substitute.  Last, but CERTAINLY not least, are those jaw dropping saucy over the knee suede Stuart Weitzman bad boys.  I currently do not own a pair of over the knee boots, but could certainly get started with this pair.  Aren't they gorgeous?

Okay, enough of that talk.  Lets get down to business. Thanksgiving is tomorrow, meaning Black Friday is the day after. Dun Dun Dun.  Do y'all partake in the crazy "I am risking my life for a $10 blender" deals?! My dear sweet friend Hannah (you can view her adorable blog there) jokes with me in saying that I AM 'The Christmas Champ"  You know, the crazed Target lady who warms up for Black Friday doing crunches and this that and the other.  I admit I sure do love Black Friday, however this year, I really have nothing in particular I am shopping for. I think the most fun of it all is the tradition my mom and I have.

Each Black Friday, we wake up around roughly 3 am, stroll on over to ANY coffee shop that is crazed enough in their minds to be open at that hour and get our kick start. Next, we usually head to Target and get a huge kick out of the crowds. I mean, these people actually SLEEP outside.  Now that's gettin' crazy.  Once we make it inside, we elbow our way ( just kidding) through the masses to see what the deals are.  Sometimes we come out empty handed, I mean how many DVD's or small kitchen appliances does one person need? We usually wrap up our trip around 9 am and are flat out exhausted and nap until around noon.  I'd love to hear some other Black Friday stories.  Do you love it or hate it?

As you can tell from this novel of a post, the office is a graveyard today.  I am literally one of about 10 (usually 70) employees here today. Shoot me in the face.
Happy Early Thanksgiving!!



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