Monday, November 21, 2011

Baby Love

Today is a very special day! My sweet friend Jordan and her hubby Rocky get to find out what their little bundle of joy is going to be.  We have all made "boy or girl wagers", so it will be so exciting when we all find out! It felt like Christmas Eve last night waiting for today to come! I mentioned to her the idea of a "reveal cake" and I am so excited it is what she is going to do! A reveal cake for those who do not know, is a cake baked and the inside is dyed either pink or blue with food coloring.  Everyone gathers around to cut the cake and to find out what the baby is! I am so excited to see pictures of how this turns out. 

Here is an example of a reveal cake, as you can see this one is a boy! So fun...

Jordan is the first of my close friends to lead off the "baby train" and I could not be more excited to spoil this little angel come April!   All of this baby talk has really sparked my interest in nursery's.  Here are a few I think are just fabulous.

 How serene is this?

I died seeing this sideboard/changing table transformation.  It is so awesome I can't hardly stand it.

 I love nursery's for little boys that aren't "little boy-ish" if you will.  I love how this nursery has pieces that he can grow with post-infancy.  Like that chair! Gosh, I'd like that for myself :)

 I don't really think this little girl's nursery needs much explanation. It is fabulous all on its own.

I ADORE this nursery for so many reasons.  Again, it is masculine and something a little man can grow into.  And talk about a crib backdrop! And the sconces and the paper mache animals? Love it all.

I will keep all of you posted when we find out the big news!! Such an exciting time for all!


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