Monday, November 28, 2011

Rainy Monday

Monday. I am not a fan. At. All. Especially after enjoying a very long relaxing holiday weekend.  I try and stay as chipper as I can on Monday's.  Keeping myself as occupied as possible.  However, today is a gray and rainy Monday. Maybe that is why this Monday seems like such a drag. Or maybe, it is because I literally cannot wait for Friday.

Austin and I will be heading back to the coast on Friday to FINALLY lock in our wedding ceremony/venue site (God willing I don't have a change of heart. AGAIN) I am so anxious to get this step squared away that I promise I will feel like a new woman once this feat is over with.  On the tour list is Airlie Gardens, 128 South and Kenan Chapel in Landfall.  Decisions. Decisions.

There is one shining little beacon of light on this rainy Monday. It is Cyber Monday. Ooh.  I did partake in a little retail therapy, which did soften the Monday blow.

Aren't those earrings sweet? What is even sweeter is that each piece I got was on sale and then J. Crew is offering an additional 25% off the sale price AND free shipping. Hello. Total no-brainer. Perfect holiday party earrings and a cozy turtleneck for a dreary day such as this.

Happy Monday!


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