Friday, November 18, 2011

Birthday! seems to be that time again.  I am approaching yet another birthday on Sunday, and cannot believe all of the blessings I have had in the past year.  So far this year I have...finished school FOREVER (three cheers for that),  gotten engaged to my very best friend in the whole entire world, found out I was going to be an auntie from one of my very dearest friends (you can visit her blog here) and entered the big girl working world ( I wish I could say three cheers for that as well) ! 

As I look back on this year, it was a huge year of growth for me and I could not have done it without the love and support from my wonderful friends and family.  I love each of you dearly! 

What are some birthday traditions you do with friends or family? What makes you feel special on your birthday?

For whatever reason, these items scream "Happy Birthday" in a loud yet glamorous fashion.  I'll take one of each please.

Love Deborah Lippman! You can get it here!

Who Doesn't Love a Georgetown Cupcake?! AND they deliver?! YES!!

Can you really ever have too many sprinkles?!

Is this cake not to die for?! Yes, I said it. It is a cake! I. DIE.



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