Sunday, November 27, 2011


This long weekend was so refreshing for so many reasons. Austin and I got to spend great quality time with our families, got to attend the 2nd biggest comeback in ACC history at the NC State/Maryland game, met up with out of town friends that we had not seen in quite some time and got in the festive season with a little decorating. Note: This post is picture packed.

Thanksgiving was great. I am thankful that I wore the stretchiest pants I own, and for good reason. That sweet potato casserole was slapyourmother kind of good. I may or may not have had 2, maybe 3 helpings.

Isn't she adorable? Little Kate was excited for some Turkey!
How fun is this Lilly "birthday crown"?! Having a birthday right around the Thanksgiving holiday, we always celebrate my birthday with family during Thanksgiving dinner.

Turkey tuckered this little girl out!
Friday evening when we returned to Raleigh, we met up with some close friends for cocktails.  We started at our place for a couple glasses of wine then headed over to the Oxford and finished up the night at The Hive.  It was great to see them.

 Now that the Christmas season is upon us, and being the crazy Christmas fanatic Christmas fan that I am, I absolutely love nothing more than spending an entire night decorating.  Of course each year we get a tree, I think back to "National Lampoon Christmas Vacation" and hope that when we get home a little squirrel friend isn't jumping out at us. The joys of a real Christmas tree.

Here are a few new additions to our tree this year...I absolutely love ornaments, any and all kinds. I have never been a "matchy matchy" tree person.  I love ornaments that are all different and each tell a story. My parent's tree has ornaments back from the 1960's! Too cool.

I wanted a personal ornament to commemorate our first Christmas being engaged.  Thanks to Etsy I was able to get something customized perfectly to our style.  Rachel was wonderful to work with and even added a burlap bow!
                         The ornament below is one my mom recently handed down to me.  It is a 1988 (my birth year) Gorham Silver Star.  My plan is to collect a star from each year of importance to us as a couple. 1985 for Austin's birth year, 2011 for our engagement year, 2013 for our wedding year and a star for the year our future babes are born! I love traditions, and think it would be a fun one to begin.
This is one we received from Austin's mother as a gift.  Isn't it sweet? Vietri + Christmas Ornament = Happy Katie

This little treasure I fell in love with as soon as I saw it at Restoration Hardware and thought it would make a fabulous tree topper.  A little picture wire and I had completed my project.
Austin decided to snap pictures of me battling our tree with the lights. Always the part I dread.  Thanks for the flattering angles babe.

 I hope everyone had a wonderful long Thanksgiving weekend. It's a lazy Sunday here!




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