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{valentines gift picks}

By 2/03/2015 06:04:00 PM

Valentines Day is certainly not a huge deal in our house, but its a fun day to "show the love." And let's be honest, if I happened to receive any of these goodies, I wouldn't be mad.

1.I love my plum pretty sugar robe and wouldn't hate adding this set to my collection
2. Who doesn't need more Jo Malone? Always. 
3.This is a favorite candle of mine. It's one of those candles where you can smell it even when its not lit. And at a better price on Amazon!
4. Geode is everywhere, no denying it. As much as I love layering, I would love to layer this long necklace with my other gold pieces!
5. I could find a reason daily to drink Veuve. It really is my most favorite taste. And how cute would it be to drink it out of these stemless flutes?!

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  1. Thank you so much Katie for thinking of us! We love being a part of your picks!