Monday, February 16, 2015

blue apron review

Last week we cooked one of our first dishes by Blue Apron. I may be seriously behind the times, but this is such an incredible concept, especially for the working gal like myself. Everything is delivered to your door (all portions measured) and ready to go! Just follow the easy steps :)

We first made the pan roasted chicken with mashed potatoes and maple glazed carrots. It surely did not disappoint.

Portions broken out by recipe!

This little one pager was  so helpful! It gave me an image with each step to make sure I was doing it correctly!

Voila!  I really enjoyed our first experience with Blue Apron . They are also offering all first-timers two free meals! Can't really beat that. I will give a disclaimer that you do dirty up a lot of dishes in the making of your dishes. A lot of the pans you reuse on multiple steps, which saved some handwashing, but prepare for a full dishwasher at the end!

Time to go hibernate before the snow and ice arrives. Stay warm out there :)



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