Wednesday, February 4, 2015

{evening skin care routine}

Skin care is so important and especially important as we get older. I have combination skin that is also sensitive, so I switch up my routine a couple days a week. Throughout the day, my skin produces enough oil, however, at night and especially during the winter months my skin can get really dry and extra sensitive.

Each night, I use Clinique liquid facial soap to remove my makeup. It's been a go-to for years and does a nice job on makeup removal. On days I'm not wearing makeup, I use Cetaphil. I find Cetaphil nourishes deeper rather than sloughs off my makeup. From there, I rotate exfoliating either with my Clarisonic or exfoliant products. I just started using the No 7 microdermabrasion exfoliant and am loving it so far. A little bit goes a long way though, and I've been keeping to only twice a week. 

Once a week, I also like to use the Tata Harper resurfacing mask for smoothing and revitalizing the skin. It glides on as a jelly and dries clear if you're like me and get distracted wearing a face mask ;-) I mentioned it on here a week or so ago, and am really noticing a difference in pore size and overall skin texture.

Lastly, I moisturize with probably the most basic moisturizer ever (my husband and I share!) but it seriously works. It's thick enough without feeling clogging and has great lasting power. Can't beat the price either compared to all of its competitors out there these days. You can find it, here!

I also always keep l'occitane relaxing cream and their classic hand cream by my bedside. It's a must for me, great for keeping your hands and chest silky smooth!


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