Thursday, January 9, 2014

weekly roundup

Friday, it is so good to see you. This was a brutal week back to work and the first full week I've worked in over 3 weeks! To say I was looking forward to the weekend is an understatement.

1} This recipe is seriously good. What I love most about it is the fact that it yields so many portions so it literally lasts almost all week for lunches! If you're looking for a little extra protein, throw some grilled chicken on top and you are set!

2}It is no surprise that Target has been killing it recently. This lamp is of no exception. I have been rearranging like a fool trying my hardest to find a home for it in our little place. I'm determined to win this battle. 

3} I love this top for so many reasons. It can be worn with a blazer now, and later with white skinny jeans. It's a little steep but my new motto for 2014 is this.

4} No, we aren't expecting but someday I hope to be. I absolutely love this article about women's bodies and the true beauty behind how your body changes with baby. I mean, Kate Middleton totally killed it when she walked out a day after giving birth looking like a normal woman should. You go girl.

5} This article on How To Style Your Coffee Table from Waiting on Martha. I find myself rearranging our coffee table constantly; trying to freshen it up and still keep personal touches of ours on it. I hope to do a post on our table soon!

Happy almost weekend!


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