Wednesday, January 29, 2014

{snow day}

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Well, its about as close to a snow day as I'll get. I'm still working from my couch, but it was so exciting to wake up to the beautiful blanket of snow (even if I am counting the days till Spring).

Last night we ventured out while it was still coming down (hence the blurry photos) but had a blast with a cocktail and the puppy running as hard as she could. I am taking full advantage of this slow morning by firing up our waffle iron and keurig with the Mr. I hope everyone is staying warm today!

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Photo I snapped of Bailey as she first was trying to figure out what that silly white stuff was :) 


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  1. Enjoy your snow day! Adult snow days aren't as fun as the school day ones, huh? Seems when you have a lap top you've got no excuse not to do work :) stay warm!