Monday, January 20, 2014


It certainly was tough leaving a sleeping dog and husband this morning for the office, but I'm ready to tackle Monday. This weekend was relaxing and fast paced all at the same time (if that even makes sense).

Friday evening, we cooked with another couple and drank way too much wine and worked on the design of her new living room. I woke up to still having the decorating bug on Saturday morning and popped into Homegoods. Big. Mistake. I left nearly wanting everything in the entire store, but had self-constraint and left with two of these lamps. I'm still working on a home for the second one, and am not positive I love where I placed the first one in our guest room, but it's a start. (The plant is moving, its too matchy-matchy for my taste).

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Saturday evening, we headed to downtown Durham to celebrate a dear friend of ours 30th. It's so wonderful to be able to keep up with our sweet friends from DC when they come down south to visit!
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Austin and the birthday boy. The also felt the need to model their Barbours. Boys.
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typical elevator selfie after probably too much champagne.
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Sunday was filled with so much nothing-ness and I loved every freaking second. Most of my day was spent snuggling this little sunshine and catching up on some rest.
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Happy Monday!

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