Monday, January 28, 2013

Weekend Recap

This past weekend was relatively low key. Friday night, Raleigh experienced an "ice storm" that left us a little stranded for the evening. We had dinner at Fox and Hound (all that was open) but they managed to have cold beer and surprisingly delicious guacamole, so all was right with me. Saturday, we went to the State/UNC game and then met up with some old friend for celebratory drinks afterwards.
As if I didn't post enough photos of my child dog
Basketball game with my future MIL in 88 short days (whoa)

My sweet friend Kathryn from DC was in town for the weekend. We missed her

Sunday, I opted for a change of scenery and headed home to the coast for a little R&R and minor wedding planning. (Less than 3 months to go! As if I needed the reminder from I so enjoy my time at home with my mom. We spend our evenings cooking up new recipes, drinking wine and just unwinding from all that life brings. There really is no place like home! 

Have you read "My One Word"? The pastor at our church in Wilmington wrote it and it really is a great read! With the start of a fresh year, it is great for helping pinpoint what really means most to you and how to just enjoy what you love most MORE. Taking time for the simple things tends to sometimes be a major flaw that I am working on fixing! Note: This is not a "self-help" book for any of you that are adamantly against those types of books :)

Here is a little snippet of my motivation for the week. I loved this little print so much, it made it to the iPhone wallpaper too!

Make it a great one!




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