Thursday, January 24, 2013

Gallery Walls Galore

Hope everyone is keeping warm out there! I woke up to my phone reading 18 degrees this morning. However, I'm sure most of  you have got me beat. Our last home in Georgetown is currently blanketed with snow. No. Thanks. Anyway, I digress. Last week I finally completed my gallery wall that I have been planning for going on a  year now. Much of my procrastination was due to the fact I wasn't quite sure which wall to place it on. Once we moved into our new place, I knew our gallery wall had the perfect future home above our bar cart. I decided to make most of the photos on the wall from our year in DC. I'm glad I did. I now find myself looking at those photos quite frequently! Other photos are from our engagement and our dog (of course).

I decided not to do a print on this wall, and keep it strictly for "memories." I think I am now hooked and will do another wall in our bedroom with prints I have been collecting as well as photos. Here is my creation: (don't judge for the minor mis-measurements. After hour 3, I was so over it, I ditched the tape measure and just went to hammering and drinking)

Have any of you done your own gallery wall? Do you have any tips for making life easier when it comes to measurements? I welcome any advice before I start round two! I also need to think of a good enough bribe to have Austin help me lacquer our bar cart that we have been discussing for a solid year. Again, I'm indecisive on color. Was thinking either a gold or bright red may even be fun (insert my blog post about adding color to our home)

Here are some other gallery walls that I love.



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