Monday, January 7, 2013

Bedroom Dilemma

Now that all of the boxes are unpacked and out of the house, I am now desperately trying to decorate this literal blank slate. And by blank slate, I mean, I have so much white in my house I need sunglasses in our living room in the afternoon. I have always known I was a person a little afraid of too much color in our home, and I seriously need to cut that shit out accept color. I see sooo many adorable designs with colors everywhere, I just sometimes finding it so hard to start in our own home. Has anyone else dealt with this? Maybe I should close out my other internet window with a white arm chair in my shopping fail.  I adore the clean, simplicity of white design, but ya'll, a little color never hurt anyone.

My biggest concern right now is our bedroom. Ivory walls, white bed, and neutral bedding. In short, it could almost pass as as an insane asylum. My hopes is to do a little shopping this week to spice things up. Most importantly our bedside for some flair. I adore these (and this is seriously outside of what this girl is used to) 2013 shall be the year of positive change! 

  (I adore how this doubles as a sitting area)

I am hoping to find the perfect tray, vase and print for starters! 


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