Monday, January 2, 2012

New Year Resolutions

Happy 2012! As we continue packing up our entire lives into one tiny little U-Haul, I have tried to take some time to make a list of "resolutions" that I would like to try to stick to some what.  Have you made any?

1. An organized life is a happy life. As I have been packing, I have been purging items I don't need as well as trying to formulate a system to all of my madness. Here are some ideas that really caught my eye.

2. Become more interested in running. To be honest, unless I have a seriously good iPod playlist, it becomes a bore to me. Fast. Thanks to a couple of these Christmas goodies I received, maybe I will become a more interested. Maybe.

I am particularly excited to use this. How neat is the ponytail cutout?
Hopefully this will help me eliminate the excuse its "too cold"for running in DC. Maybe.

 3. Take more time to relax. I am a serious Type-A, and sometimes it really gets the best of me. In 2012, I have promised myself that I will take more time to relax and not get too high strung, especially over insignificant instances, such as Austin forgetting something off of the grocery list. :)

Happy 2012!



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