Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Weekend Recap

I considered this past weekend our first "real" weekend in DC. Last weekend was full of unpacking, unboxing and zero unwinding.  Austin and I owed it to ourselves to enjoy each other and the city.  

Friday was a frigid day.  Austin had to take care of a few things work related, so I decided to ride along with him for an excuse to get out of the house and separate myself from organizing/job hunting. I needed that.  Friday night consisted of delivery pizza and nonsense television.  I needed that too.

Saturday proved to be quite the adventurous day.  I needed to pick up some items from Target, so I mapped on Google the closest one and we set out for the metro.  We became SmartTrip pass holders (a card with loaded fare on it for the bus and/or metro).  I also have to say, thank God for the DC Metro App. I would have ended up in Lord only knows where without it.  It was a long day of metro hopping, but we got the hang of it in no time!
It was some kind of freezing waiting on our first bus. But of course, knowing me, I had to capture the moment.

The sweetest little man was selling these outside of the Columbia Heights Metro stop. I couldn't say no. It was so cold, I hoped my donation would at least provide him with a warm cup of coffee. Count your blessings!

Saturday evening, we hosted wine at our place with a girlfriend of mine and her boyfriend.  We also made our first fire in our little fireplace. I loved every second of it. Our cozy little place is starting to feel like home.

Sunday evening we met up with a couple that is a friend of ours for dinner in Georgetown.  Jennifer and Michael have lived up here since last year, so we are learning as much from them as we can! We met up at Paolo's  for some of the best pizza I have ever had! I've been on quite the pizza kick lately, maybe its craving comfort food in a new atmosphere. I'll just go with that excuse ;-)  Austin and I split the Pizza Rustica which comprised of italian sausage (I picked mine off) goat cheese, caramelized onions and potato.  Potato on pizza is surprisingly delicious!  Afterwards we walked down to Old Glory, a bbq spot and had a cocktail on their heated patio.  All around a great evening with great friends!

Monday was filled with productivity and errands and of course a long walk with Bailey. Each walk I fall in love with my new neighborhood more and more.


 All around, a great long weekend!



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