Friday, January 6, 2012

Settling In

We're here! We are officially Georgetown residents and I could not love our new neighborhood any more.  Its quaint, old charm is absolutely captivating with its mixture of updated shops and restaurants.

It was quite the challenge trying to fit all of our things into closets the size of postage stamps and having no room for storage makes the trunks of our cars impromptu closests as well :)   Bailey seems to be adjusting great which I am so thankful for. 26th St park is right around the corner from us and is full of lively well taken care of pups that I feel safe for her to play with. Crazy puppy mama here.

After all of our boxes were successfully put in the house, we were absolutely ravenous. We ventured down to Clyde's of Georgetown a couple blocks away and indulged in some much needed comfort food.

Yesterday, being the creature of habit that I am, I wanted to make my first Harris Teeter trip in Adam's Morgan. My GPS took me through Dupont Circle at rush hour (mistake #1) which was a complete nightmare. Lanes merged into one another without any line of demarcation at all. Yikes. Then, upon my arrival, there was a parking deck for the grocery store, complete with mulitple levels. I forgot which level I parked on when it came time to leave (mistake #2). Also, it has come to my attention that DC has a law where they charge 5 cents a bag at any sort of retail venue. Needing about 20 bags from Harris Teeter, I had to pay for each bag (mistake #3) So, clearly on my to-do list today is to invest in some cute reusable grocery bags.  City living I guess!

I am off to take Bailey on a stroll through the neighborhood and acquaint myself more.

Happy Friday!



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