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White Coat Love Affair

By 1/08/2012 09:44:00 AM

I have been lusting for a simple yet chic winter white coat.  However, having a white coat in a big city are where dreams go to die. I picture it plastered with exhaust or metro trash in .052 seconds after purchasing.  Unless, perhaps I opted for a plastic cover. Cute right?! Ha.

If I indeed did decide to bite the bullet, here are some that would definitely be at the top of my list. A girl can dream.

I adore Rosie and love how she paired the innocence of the jacket with edgy leather leggings. 

Love the layered jacket look.

Its been quite warm here in DC for January. Yesterday, we hit about 20 degrees above average in temps. I know Father Winter will show up when he is good and ready, but for now, I cannot complain with this weather.  When Winter does however, decide to show up, it would be preferable to greet him with an adorable white coat!

Time for a coffee refill.



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  1. Wow 20 degrees ! I live in southern California and its 80 here!makes us dream for opportunities to wear such beautiful coats!


  2. LOVE white coats. Such a classic statement piece.

    found the route