Monday, April 14, 2014


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This past weekend was for the books. One of those weekends that you miss before its even over. 8 of us headed down to Charleston for to celebrate our bachelorette and the weather could not have been any more perfect. Our days were spent poolside lounging with cocktails and our evenings out pretending like we were in college again on King Street. This post is quite picture heavy!

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Friday evening we had dinner reservations at the iconic, Husk. It was so picturesque, the girls kept saying "there is just so much Instagram here!" Hilarious but so insanely true. I snapped a few pictures, but could have taken way more. Oh, and we got to eat dinner beside Will Smith, so that was neat.

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That evening was spent pretending like we were 22 again..

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Saturday was quite similar to Friday with many drinks by the pool and out until the owls quit hooting (I'm still paying for it today)

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Sunday we wrapped up the weekend on Sullivan's Island (which I am now entirely convinced is where we need to live...for like ever) I've begun the begging the husband phase. So, that was my weekend! Today is spent spoiling our golden retriever rotten as she turns 5 today :)

Happy Monday!

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  1. Sounds like the best weekend ever! For some sad reason, I can't see any of the photos from this post, but I loved following along via Insta. Rest up from your weekend and spoil that precious pup on her big day today!! :)