Thursday, April 24, 2014

{i'm back}


Apologies for the hiatus. To say things have been crazy on our end is an understatement. I started my new job last Tuesday and since then it has been full throttle. Between juggling the new work environment and learning all there is to learn about my new position comes with a lot of long ass days. So, to be honest, at the end of my days, I focus more on wine than I do this little blog. So, my apologies.

This weekend, my husband and I are traveling down to Savannah for a long weekend. Our one year wedding anniversary is this Sunday, April 27th and I am so excited to celebrate. Neither of us have spent a lot of time there so we are so excited to explore. I have a long list of things I want to see/do and dinner reservations have been made for the evenings we are there. We are playing brunch/lunch by ear, so if there are any must-try places to go, let me know! :) As always, you can follow along our adventure on Instagram!

Enjoy your almost Friday!


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  1. Enjoy your trip -- Savannah is one of my favorite cities! Happy Anniversary, you two (ours is on the 30th, so we'll be celebrating too)!