Wednesday, April 30, 2014

{our 1st anniversary trip}

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This past weekend we celebrated our first year of marriage in Savannah. To say that I fell in love with the charm that the little town offered would be an understatement. It would also be a lie if I said we did not eat and drink our way entirely through the town. Some of the best meals we've ever had! This post is rather picture heavy, so stay with me.

When we first got into town it was a positively gorgeous day (the entire weekend for that matter) so we stopped into Moon River Brewing Company. The food was meh but the beers were excellent and I loved the beer garden where we sat.

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Following, we walked and shopped and walked and shopped some more. I'm pretty sure Austin was going to kill me if I said "lets stop in one last shop" one more time. Oops? My favorite shop I came across was The Paris Market. Such an adorable display of perfumes, candles, soaps, decor, the works. I. wanted. everything.

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That evening we decided to stop into a few spots for a few too many  couple cocktails before our dinner reservation. To say that we were spoiled rotten all weekend is putting it lightly. Somehow every stop knew it was our wedding anniversary and we had entirely too many treats.

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Thank you so much to the sweet staff at The Bohemian Hotel for this pre-dinner dessert! 

The cocktails at both Bohemian and Andaz were beyond spectacular and send us into dinner at Alligator Soul feeling great ;-) The staff was so sweet and had this little box of treats waiting on our table upon our arrival. Too cute.
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The spoiling continued with champagne in our room when we got home!
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Sunday (our actual anniversary) we took full advantage of the city and saw all of the sites it had to offer. Talk about gorgeous. We even made a wish at the fountain for our next year of marriage 
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The champagne continued through the afternoon when we sliced up our wedding cake. Yall, it was still just as delicious! I was shocked. Kudos to my mom. We also exchanged gifts, and I must brag on my man for a moment. He surprised me with diamonds! I approve. ;-)

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We got ready for dinner that evening and I wore my wedding shoes and rehearsal dinner dress. Why not right?! Our evening was filled with way too much good food and the incredible atmosphere that we really didnt even take many pictures. Dinner at The Mansion at Forsyth Park was incredible to say the least. I'm missing the weekend already!




  1. Your pictures don't work :( this has happened on previous posts as well

    1. Sounds like you had a great weekend - I cant wait to go Savannah, I've never been!