Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Perfect Timing?

Don't wait

Is there really such thing as perfect timing? I am a firm believer that all things "happen for a reason". I believe that my husband and I married exactly when we were supposed to, moved to DC precisely when we should have, and everything else in between. We have found ourselves frequently asking ourselves "is the time right for xyz?" Will we ever wake up and say "today is the day?"....probably not. That's why I am the firmest believer to let God's plans work when they should and to let Him take the drivers seat on all of your big life plans. Because you never know when they could change! I have always been a hesitant person in big life decisions and changes. I think this quote is perfect for so many reasons. I am working on being open to anything that can come your way, and knowing that the timing is just right!

Have a great Wednesday!


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