Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Currently Obsessed

This past weekend in DC was such a refresher. It felt SO good to be "home" and spend time with such an amazing friend. We drank lots of good wine, ate lots of restaurants I missed dearly and just caught up on life. It's one of the most precious things in the world to have a friend that you can truly feel 100% comfortable and open with. They are a rarity these days!

We also shopped (duh). And I picked up this sweater in about every color. It is perfect for transitioning into cooler nights and I've already worn it a handful of times since Saturday! This scarf had to come home with me too, and I feel like I will LIVE in it. It is so incredibly soft and the coloring is perfect for Fall. I also splurged on a new Barbour. Its a looser fitting - more masculine style, which I love.

I love this saying. I find it to be so true. I feel like so many transitions go on in our 20's that falling out of touch with people is bound to happen. However, even in the most complicated of circumstances, the ones that are meant to stick around, do.

Hi, my name is Katie and I am addicted to golden retrievers. This event is now on my bucket list. I mean. Austin is pretty sure I am delusional, but I can tell you I could be happier than a pig in mud at this gathering.

Happiness = Reality - Expectations. Some of this article is a little off, but so much of it is so right. Be happy with where you are in this moment is my mantra (or tries to be!)

I have a hair appointment this weekend and am really loving the lowlights in this look. Being blonde is tough work, and getting "too" blonde in the winter is a definite no.

Have a great Tuesday!



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