Thursday, March 27, 2014

{weekly roundup}


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Whew. What a week it has flew by in my opinion but was just stacked full. Pretty excited to see the weekend soon! Here are my links for the week!
Have a great weekend!

1} I'm quite guilty of putting others needs before my own. I't's definitely not a bad thing, however I'm trying to make a commitment to myself to learn to put myself first more. I loved this quote for that.

2} This recipe looks amazing. I'm guilty of stashing my desk drawer with snack bars in a time crunch, but they can get pricey after awhile! I think I'll try this.

3} I am all about switching up and trying a new beauty routine. For that reason, I end up with boo koo's of samples, all over the damn place. This one I actually tried and became instantly addicted. Don't let the consistency fool you, this Too Faced primer glides on sheer and light and blends in a moments notice. And holds in place all day! A win in my book. Plus, it works wonders with my sensitive skin, they have a regular version, too!

4} Loved this article by the Everygirl. I think everyone's definition of "luxury" is quite different. However, I love how this article speaks of luxury as enjoyment of the best in life and letting it inspire us. Less about the more materialistic things, and more about the life experiences we have. In my eyes, my favorite luxury is a quiet night in with my husband, an incredible candle with my favorite wine and chatting about our week.

5} Yes, blue and white is every-friggin-where. It's always been a favorite crisp color combo of mine and I love incorporating it into our home AND my wardrobe. So clearly, I need this J. Crew top.

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  1. I *loved* that Everygirl article too. It really resonated with me!

    Have a fabulous weekend, missy!