Sunday, January 24, 2016

new things

We've been hunkered down all weekend with Winter weather, which has given me plenty of time on my hands to get some much needed organizing and arranging done around here. Nothing like a good ice storm to really get you in the spirit for your trip to Mexico later this week (Thanks Jonas!)..I digress.

I've added a few new pieces to our home that has really gotten me in the spirit for Spring and Summer. When describing my home style, I like to blend textures and a variety of new and antiqued pieces. If I had to name it, I would say something along the lines of "collected coastal" would best describe me. A bit boho, a bit traditional, and there's bound to be a palm in every room. 

It's true I typically choose books based on their covers...but recently, I've loved whats beneath the cover much more than the cover themselves. I love the raw look of both my Kinfolk Table and Island Hotel Stories books with their neutral linen look.

I scored this basket for a whopping $10 at the Furbish Flea and love how it holds all of our throws. This Anthropologie throw has been in heavy rotation with the chilly temps and I'm always a sucker for anything with pom-poms.

I got these adorable napkins as a birthday gift from a sweet friend and they are one of my favorite pieces on our bar. Golden retrievers and wine, whats not to love?

..And just because she's cute. 

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Happy Sunday! 


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