Monday, February 17, 2014


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This weekend flew by for us. Friday, being Valentines day we celebrated dinner at Bia. To say we were underwhelmed is putting it lightly. The food itself was very flavorful, but the portions were ridiculously small, so don't go hungry, and the wait staff was less than helpful. Their standard menu was not offered (which we weren't told) but nevertheless, a lot of champagne was drank and we were on to the next spot for after dinner cocktails.

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Saturday I spent the day shopping with a girlfriend, those types of days are the best aren't they? Don't get me wrong, shopping with the hubs can be fun too ;-) however, sometimes girl time is just needed! I stocked up on some great spring items that really make me look forward to the 70 degree temperatures we are to have this week (!!!).

Saturday evening we headed to dinner at Jimmy V's which was a much better experience than dinner the evening prior. We had some of the best calamari I think I've ever tasted and watched them bake our pizza right in front of us. Delish.

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Yesterday was spent on the couch all day for the majority of the day watching season 2 of House of Cards. My mind was blown after just the first episode and the other 5 we watched after that...I can't wait for more.


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  1. Sounds like the perfect weekend!! The first episode blew my mind too... Levi and I were both like JIGGA WHAAAAAAT.