Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Wedding Wednesday: One Month Countdown

Um, when did that happen?! Insane. This time is so precious to me. While we simply are itching to be husband and wife, Austin and I are trying to soak in every last moment we have as an "engaged" couple. Let's keep in mind that I am probably the most nostalgic person on the face of this earth and like my "memories". With that said, we are trying to do all we can to enjoy this chapter of our lives until we start our new one. We've already planned our "last date night" until we officially say I do! Things start getting really real when the marriage license is in the closet. As I write this though, I can't imagine the emotions I will feel one month from today when I finally get to make the man of my dreams all mine. Forever. Okay, enough of the sap and on to the good stuff...

My bachelorette weekend was this past weekend in Charleston, SC. And boy did we have some fun. I may have actually had a little too much fun. But that's allowed during your bachelorette right? ;-) It was so much fun to spend quality time with all of my incredible bridesmaids. Girl talk is something that just can't be replaced by anything else! Let the photo onslaught begin...

Precious Haymarket Designs Koozies!

My Maid of Honor had t-shirts made of pictures of Austin and I for the girls to wear on Saturday. It was a riot.

Let me preface the below photo by saying I was entirely hungover and put in an old wedding gown for the day. My makeup was hyjacked by a bridesmaid and so were my T. Swift curls. All around a hilarious time.

I am so excited to share my wedding day with these awesome, too much fun ladies. Let the 30 day countdown begin!


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