Thursday, December 20, 2012

Life as of Late

Since I am the official worst blogger ever, I guess there are a few things to catch up on! This Fall has been a busy one for sure, filled with birthdays, weddings, friends visiting, football games and lots more (sorry this post will be picture overload, but I'm a little overdue)

Packing is somewhat coming to a close, although I feel like we will be scrambling Saturday morning before the truck arrives. I'm still not quite sure its hit me that we will no longer be DC residents in 48 short hours.

It will be a lot of fun to be able to go to our football games each Saturday without making the 4 hour drive. Bailey's obviously been inducted into the Wolfpack family too (my father is probably somewhere shaking his head)

Georgetown in the Fall is officially one of my most favorite places in the world. Austin and I are already discussing our plans for a trip back up next Fall!

We also celebrated my 24th (so depressing) birthday in November. As well as having one of my dearest friends and bridesmaids come visit from Chicago. Can't wait to reunite over Christmas! 

As well as a wedding. I've never been to a wedding in December before, and I must say being the Christmas fanatic that I am, I loved seeing Christmas trees all lit up in the reception space!

Finally, this past weekend my mom came to visit us and take in some last moment DC tourism. We also were able to catch Les Miserables while they were here in DC. If you ever get a chance to go, do it. It was fantastic.

Tonight, we are giving packing a break and heading out for Happy Hour and dinner with some close friends before we say our goodbyes. Last day of work tomorrow!


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