Tuesday, April 14, 2015

{weekend recap}

I know, its Tuesday. It has already been a whirlwind of a week and it just began! This past weekend, we went home to visit our families at the coast. Always the best types of weekends for the soul. 

This nugget turned 6 years old today. We of course had to celebrate her all weekend! 

Each time I'm home, its tradition for my mom and I to visit The Ivy Cottage in Wilmington. If you're in the mood for some awesome vintage hunting, this is your mecca. I adore this vintage print of St Paul's in Charleston. I'm not exactly how sure the piece is as its labeled "St Pauls Episcopal" which is obviously now a cathedral. Nevertheless, I love what it added to our living room gallery wall. Charleston, I'm coming for you to reside...eventually.

Sunday, we got back into town and went to town in the yard. Austin and I have had a great time getting our yard in shape for our first spring in our home. The bed below was entirely empty, it was a lot of fun to fill with boxwoods, azaleas and other little pops of color! The azaleas are a deep red and look ready to bust any day now!

Put  little baby english ivy plant at the base of our light pole, hoping to train it to grow up the entire pole and hide the wood :) 

Nothing quite like a gorgeous sunset to end a perfect weekend!


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  1. Love that print - so fabulous! It is actually the Cathedral of St. Luke and St. Paul over by the College of Charleston.