Tuesday, July 8, 2014

{weekend recap}

After the crazy that was last week, it was great to have 4 long days down on the coast. Much needed. We spend time with friends and family out on the boat for the 4th and over-enjoyed in delicious summer food all.weekend.long. It's what holidays are for right?

Saturday I finally found (Fiona, yes I named her - The Fiddle Leaf fig). Fiona is the perfect addition to our space and something I have been on the hunt for awhile now. She looks perfectly at home in her new basket. Yes, I have entirely lost my mind referring to a tree as if it's a child. Here she is on my mom's porch ready to make her way home.

My mom and I also put our crafting pants and completed a DIY project. I have to give her the credit here, my nerves are about shot after hour 2 of sanding. Way to go, mom. Picked up this pair of ratted out directors chairs for $5! But the bones were great, and I loved the bamboo detailing. Here is the before:
  And Viola: The after! (ignore the background - ABC studios are moving into my parents house this week and they are moving out!)

Not too shabby, right? Looking forward to finding the perfect little spot for them.

Happy Tuesday,


  1. Love the bamboo chairs! I found a pair like this at Goodwill recently and so wanted to fix them up; but it had already sold. For $5 they were a steal...but I guess someone else thought so, too. Love the tree, too!

  2. Wow, those bamboo chairs look great! I just love a fiddle leaf fig tree. Where did you find one?