Thursday, July 3, 2014

2 Bedroom Beach Cottage Makeover

 via domino

I assume you all are quite familiar with the fantastic articles Domino releases. If you dont have the magazine already, I highly suggest the subscription. This one really hit home with me. It's no secret my most favorite type of home is a tiny one packed with charm. Something about being able to focus on every single square inch is something I absolutely love. New homes are wonderful, but something a 1930's bungalow really tugs at my heart strings. But, more on 2 bedroom bungalows later ;-)

Recently, Domino released an article of a 2 bedroom beach bungalow makeover that I loved so much I had to share. I can't get over how perfectly executed this space is. Its is so in tune with the style of homes I am loving right now. Bright and coastal with pops of unexpected color. The kitchen ceiling is seriously to die for.

We are beach bound for the 4th! Hoping for more vintage hunting and inspiration for exciting announcements to come ;-)


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