Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Honeymoon To Antigua

Where do I even begin on how amazing our honeymoon was? We are both still dreaming we are still on those picturesque beaches. Everywhere you looked was truly a scene from a postcard. Neither of us had ever been to Antigua and it surely did not disappoint...In case you didn't know, I was entirely unaware of where we were going until we got our boarding passes to Miami. Originally, Austin wanted to wait until we got our final boarding passes once we arrived in Miami to tell me, however the airline employee helping us with our bags needed to be told our final destination. Austin tried whispering...she didn't quite hear, nor did she know what was going on. Until, all of the sudden Austin blurted out "Antigua". I am not quite sure I have ever had so much emotion at 5am. Cue the tears, kisses, laughs, everything. After a year of being booked, I finally knew where we were headed! 

My friendly little plane partner to Antigua...little did I know as he responded as "visiting friends in Antigua" when really they filmed Des' season final rose where we were! Everything was uber private, but it was so neat to meet him and chat a bit. Surprisingly a really nice guy!

Note: All of the pictures taken were off my iphone. Sadly, we didn't realize until we were on the trip that we had a malfunction with our decent camera's memory card. Hence, the onslaught of iPhone pictures.

Austin spent one morning get a sailing lesson. He then took his wife on a private little HobieCraft cruise around the bay in Antigua. We did this probably 5 times while we were there! Loved it.
Our own little private dock where we laid each day...and drank WAY too much rum. Woops.

My most favorite day was probably when we took the catamaran out for a snorkeling adventure. The gentleman that drove us around were SO MUCH fun and made me feel entirely at ease while snorkeling (This girl doesn't do heights or depths) and we were in about 25 of water. Being able to see all the way to the bottom and the MOST gorgeous fish you've ever seen was truly amazing. I'm sure the 16 rum punch's before diving in had nothing to do with it. :) 

I  still can't believe this is my hubby. So much fun.

We took over 200 pictures during our trip, but I wont bore you with all of those! We are bummed to be back, but seriously LOVING married life. Some of life is the same, but some is a lot different! And super exciting! The last name changes aren't any fun, but doing everything together without the stress of wedding planning has been fantastic!

Happy Tuesday!



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