Wednesday, September 7, 2016

fall beauty must haves

I switch up my beauty products when I transition from Summer to Fall. I typically have the complete opposite from dry skin, but with the cooler temps as I get older, I'm finding that is not as much the case anymore! And not just my skin, also my hair. Here are some items that are tried and true that I just can't live without!

I have actually been using this hair product a fair amount the past few weeks, well before Fall. My last hair appointment I was running between appointments and had to be put under heat for the first time in years. Big. Mistake. Pretty much most everyone who color treats their hair knows that heat processing is a no-no. Well, this gold lust oil by Oribe has saved my hair from my poor decision making. I comb it through damp hair (especially focusing on my fly away areas and ends) and its literally magic in a bottle! 

I've switched between this moisturizer and the La Mer Moisturizer and still find this Chanel product fairs better on my skin. As previously mentioned, I struggle with combination skin as well as highly sensitive skin. Literally, any and everything can break me out. I joke that sometimes even looking at a product will break me out. I tried this product as a sample and it was a success! Not to mention, some reviews say it acts as a true face lift over time! Check. The. Box. 

Let me be honest, this lip moisturizer is in my bag regardless of the season. It is the best quick fix for dry lips and provides a little burst of color. I have a couple of different varieties and they are all wonderful! 

A girlfriend recommended this shampoo and conditioner duo and its the perfect match to the Oribe hair oil. It helps lock in moisture and keep my ends happy despite heat drying everything out! 

This bronzer is the perfect option for extending that summer glow without that orange look we are all familiar with. It is subtle, but packs a punch and a couple quick swipes and you're ready to head out the door! 



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