Tuesday, June 11, 2013


With the wedding behind us (so bittersweet), and having sanity returned to our household...I am hustlin' to finish decorating our space. Doubling our square footage since we moved back from Georgetown, I was slightly overwhelmed with all of the empty space. Slowly but surely things have been coming together...(enough nagging and I finally convinced the hubs on a headboard and mattress set for the guestroom. Three cheers for that! He's actually got quite the eye!) As I continue to finish the guest room, here are a couple of things that we are looking to add to our abode :)

Jennifer Latimer, Coral III
Jackson End Table
Judy Lamp in Green

Who knew decorating and choosing furniture, pieces etc could be so stressful? Gone are the days of college decorating and in are the compromises of gender neutral design and making sure Austin loves it all too. But, I must say he's been pretty easy to please! :)

Happy Tuesday!



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