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Maxi Love

By 4/09/2013 09:23:00 AM

So, this time two weeks from now, I will be on our honeymoon. Have I mentioned that I can't wait? I don't find out where we are going until our connecting flight to our final destination, but Austin has promised that its warm, relaxing and "right up my alley" whatever that means. With that said, I've been shopping around for the perfect honeymoon gear. So far, I've picked up a couple pieces, a fun hat and some new shades. But when warm weather is involved, I LIVE in maxis. Here are a couple I have my eye on:



Have a great Tuesday!


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  1. Love the soft, real fur lining. It is attractive and well made. I don't feel like I could have made a better purchase in www.cwmalls.com any more. The fur inside of those sheepskin jackets are soft and cozy and definitely an added plus. Also the belt can show the slimness.