Monday, July 2, 2012

Welcome Summer!

And by "Welcome Summer" I mean welcome serious heat wave. The past week has boasted temps in the low 100's. WHEW. I haven't blogged in awhile, this I know. I'll try to get better about it. I feel like a kid waiting on Christmas. We are leaving this evening for an entire week in North Caroline. I cannot wait to enjoy the 4th of July, friends, sunshine and wedding planning galore.

With the hot forecase ahead, what sorts of things do you do to stay cool? First on my list is a trip to buy Bailey pup a baby pool for the back deck. Something I am sure she is to love.  Here are some other ways I plan to stay cool for the 4th...

Cool Cocktails...

I came across this on Pinterest last week, and I have to say, what a smart idea!

Instructions to make via Fetch Dog
Definitely will get some good use out of my vintage fan that I oh so love
And of course cool frocks...

Have a great 4th!



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  1. Dresses are definitely the way to go in the billion degree heat! These are too cute. Have a great holiday!